Android Studio Plugins that will save you hundreds of hours :-)

Coding is fun! But being productive is more fun!. Here is a few list of few tools and Android Studio techniques which can save hundreds of your hours as an Android developer.

Are you a legacy Android developer and bored of writing the same view creations repeatedly even in your dreams? Yeah I was one too, but then I found this amazing plugin.

Its a lot of effort to build a model classes ( technically speaking POJO classes in Java ). But this tool makes it a breeze to do so. Just paste the JSON in the editor, and thats it, you’re done with your POJO’s !

Yeah ! It’s time to take a call with backend engineers for invalid responses ;-)

You’re done with POJO creation using GsonFormat, but how to send those from one Activity or fragment to another ?

Here is a solution to create a boiler plate Parcelable codes in a thunder fast way.

Thank me later ;)

Everybody in Android circles is talking about using dependency injection framework in Android like ButterKnife, Dagger, PermissionDispatcher etc. But Android ButterKnife Zelezny occupies the first position by providing easiest way to wrap activity, fragment and adapter view creations in an elegant and dynamic way.

Click, Click and view objects are created. Without even typing anything !

Live Templates are code snippets that can be inserted into my code by typing their abbreviation and pressing tab. They live in the Editor section of the Preferences.

Yup! you can configure your own code too.

So, what are you going to do with all that time saved ?

Imma gonna binge watch Narcos on Netflix !

Googler since 2021 | Ex- Google Developer Expert, Android | Visit : to know more.

Googler since 2021 | Ex- Google Developer Expert, Android | Visit : to know more.